As a buyer, whether this is your first or one of many houses ever purchased in a life time you certainly owe it to yourself to have professional inspection that educates you in regard to the actual condition of the home you plan to buy. No home is without flaw. Our quality inspections provide an invaluable resource not only today, prior to closing but for many years to come. In most inspections, the inspector will uncover issues in one of many forms that simple, pay for the inspection cost alone and, than some. Please understand and expect that a home inspection is an exhaustive Visual examination of the accessible components or systems of a home, top to bottom. This inspection can identify systems that do not work, are broken, not maintained and need of replacement. Furthermore, a home inspection is not a warranty, guaranty, Code compliance report nor appraisal however it purpose is to help you make a wise decision with concrete facts that are clearly supported by a written report: that is essential, not a cook book, computer generated form --- but a true narrative.

If you own a home but plan to list it soon, a home inspection is used to identify systems and components in need of maintenance, repair or replacement in anticipation of an the actual “buyers” inspection. Understand that each inspector approaches things in an individual manor generally arriving at the same conclusion however sometimes with different degrees of emphases. Spending a few dollars wisely now, helps prepare for better showing later.

For those home owners not completely sure of their homes’ condition and plan to get it back into shape, an inspection can provide the necessary path with a logical plan. Extended maintenance is discussed.

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